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Wonderful World of Dissocia at Theatre Royal Stratford East

Lighting Design


Black, el Payaso
| By Pablo Sorozábal. Performed at Arcola Theatre. Directed by Paula Paz, Designed by Caitlin Abbott, Musical Direction by Ricardo Gosalbo. | August 2022

| By Emily Aboud. Performed at Camden's People Theatre and Ed Fringe. Directed by Emily Aboud, Designed by Hazel Low, Sound Design by Francesca Amewudah-Rivers and Produced by Grace Dickson.| July 2022

Camp Albion
| By Danielle Pearson for The Watermill Theatre. Directed by Georgie Staight, Designed by Isobel Nicolson, Sound Design by Anna Short.| July 2022

We are the Best!
| Adapted by Rebecca Glendenning for Live Theatre. Directed by Jack McNamara, Designed by Lily Arnold, Sound Design by Mariam Rezaei.| May 2022

| By Katie Redford for Theatre 503. Directed by Piers Black, Designed by Ceci Calf, Sound Design by Conrad Kira. Produced by Bethany Cooper.| March 2022

Forest Awakens / Code and dagger
| By Kiln Theatre Youth Company for Kiln Theatre. Directed by Robin olivia, Designed by Debbie Duru, Sound Design by Roly Botha.| February 2022

The Gift | By Janice Okoh at GBS RADA’s Theatre Directed by Jasmine Teo, Designed by Natalie Pryce, Sound Design by Sylvia Wan.| January 2022


A New Beginning
| By Kiln Theatre Youth Company for Kiln Theatre Directed by David Gilbert, Designed by Roisin Martindale, Sound Design by Joseff Harris.| August 2021

Barbarians | By Gorky and Filter for Guildhall Silk Street Theatre. Directed by Oliver Dimsdale and Victoria Mosley Designed by Amy Cook. Sound Design by Ieva Vati and Tom Dixon.| July 2021

Everything Must Go
| RnD By Caitlin McEwan at Playground Theatre Directed by Lizzie Manwaring, Designed by Elleanor Bull, Sound Design by Tingying Dong. Produced by These Girls.| January 2021


Invisibles | By Lola Lagos for Vaults Festival Directed by Nastazja Somers, Designed by Isabella Van Braeckel, Sound Design by Nicola Chang. Produced by María Inés Olmedo | March 2020

The Spirit
| By Thibault Delferiere in collaboration with Jack McNamara for Battersea Arts Centre. Designed by Max Nicholson-Lailey. Produced by New Perspectives | February 2020

The First
| By Barry McStay for Vaults Festival Directed by Emily Jenkins, Designed by Delyth Evans, Sound Design by Tingying Dong. Produced by Elizabeth Benbow | February 2020

Julie | By Collide Theatre for The Place Directed by Emily Louizou, Designed by Ioana Andreea Curelea, Sound Design by David Denyer. Produced by Christina Fotinelli | February 2020

Utopia Room
| Choreographed by Adélie Lavail and Olivia Grassot for The Place | January 2020


You Game
| Directed by Matthew Bosley, Designed by Louis Carver, Sound Design by Herbert Homer for RADA Studios | November 2019

The Niceties | Direction by Matthew Iliffe, Design by Rachel Stone, Sound Design by Kate Marlais for Finborough Theatre | October 2019

How We Begin | Directed by Elizabeth Benbow and Designed by Delyth Evans for Kings Head Theatre | August 2019

Love and Money | Directed by Ria Parry, Designed by Ella Aukett, Sound Design by Herbert homer for RADA’s Gielgud Theatre | May 2019

The Soldier Tale
| Directed by Phil Sheppard for Susie Sainsbury Theatre | March 2019

The House of Yes
| Directed by Matthew Parker, Designed by Rachael Ryan for Hope Theatre | October 2019

Dear Marie Stopes | Directed by Nina Brazier for Kings Place Theatre | September 2019

To See Salisbury
| Directed by Vladimir Shcherban for RADA’s GBS Theatre | June 2019

Rambert: Curdled Glass
| Choreographed by Archie White and Lily Potger for Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre | February 2019

Romeo and Juliet | Directed by Edward Kemp and Designed by Natasha Jenkins for Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre | February 2019

2018 And Earlier

Linda | Directed by Abigail Graham and Designed by Sarah Beaton for GBS Theatre | November 2018

Cathy | Directed by Rosie Jones and Desinged by Anna Cerpiel for RADA’s Gielgud Theatre | October 2018

Julius Caesar | Directed by Vivian Munn and Designed by Laura Haag for RADA’s Gielgud Theatre | 2018

Dante’s Inferno
| Directed by Roberto Valdo Cortese and Polly Creed and Costume Design by Tippi Wilson for Edinburgh Fringe

Of Blood | Directed by Vivian Munn and Designed by Miguel Guzman for GBS Theatre | December 2018

Jazz Concert
(Evo-blue-tion) | Directed by UCL Jazz Society for Adelphi Theatre | 2016

Highway 61
| Directed by UCL Jazz Society for Camden’s People Theatre

| Directed by Lovis Maurer for Bloomsbury Studio

Legally Blonde
| Directed by Charlie Smith and Luke Mcgarey for Bloomsbury Studio Theatre

Associate Lighting Design

two Palestinians go dogging
| As Associate LD for Jackie Shemesh, Directed by Omar Elerian, Designed by Rajha Shakiry, Video Design by Zakk Hein, Sound Design by Elena Peña for The Royal Court Theatre | April 2022

| As Associate LD for Isabella Byrd, Directed by Rebecca Frecknall, Designed by Tom Scutt, Sound Design by Nick Lidster for The Playhouse Theatre | October 2021

Camp Siegfried
| As Associate LD for Rob Casey, Directed by Katy Rudd, Designed by Rosanna Vize, Sound Design by Ian Dickinson for The Old Vic Theatre | September 2021

Mirror and The Light
| As Associate LD for Jessica Hung hang Yun, Directed by Jeremy Herrin, Designed by Christopher Oram, Sound Design by Nick Powell for Gielgud Theatre | September 2021

| As Associate LD for Elliot Griggs, Directed by Michael Fentiman, Designed by Madeleine Girling, Sound Design by Tom Marshall for Criterion Theatre | May 2021

Les Miserables Concert
| As Associate LD for Paule Constable and Warren Letton, Directed by James Powell and Jean-Pierre Van Der Spuy, Designed by Matt Kinley, Video Design by Finn Ross and Sound Design by Mick Potter for Sondheim Theatre | December 2020

Moonlight and Magnolias
| As Associate LD for Jamie Platt, Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward and Designed by Tim Meacock for Nottingham Playhouse | February 2020

The Fishermen
| As Associate LD for Amy Mae, Directed by Jack McNamara Designed by Amelia Jane Hankin for Trafalgar Studios and The Marlowe | September 2019

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